Setting up your successful counselling practice

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I regularly hear newly qualified therapists say they have nowhere to go for guidance in setting up. Psychotherapists and counsellors should have the best start in their professional life so they are not making time-consuming and potentially expensive mistakes. This workshop aims to be a ‘one stop shop’ for all the information you need to set up and maintain your private practice.


This session aims to cover all aspects of setting up a successful private practice, including:


• How to attract the clients you work well with.
• What is good publicity? What does and doesn’t work on and off-line?


• To hire or not to hire a room.
• Setting up your room.


• The DOs and DON’Ts of first contact.
• Legal and ethical reasons to speak to clients before the first session.


• What to include in a client contract – for the client’s benefit and yours.
• Client security, autonomy, confidentiality, and safeguarding.


• What to include in an assessment, and why this matters for the whole of the therapeutic relationship.
• An introduction to client safety assessment.


• What to include in client notes.
• Security and confidentiality in client notes.


• GDPR requirements.
• DBS (and why you probably don’t need it).
• Insurance.
• HMRC – setting up self-employment, submitting accounts.
• Setting up a therapeutic executor.


• CPD – why it’s important, and its role in your practice.

The workshop includes:

√ Professional insights and evidence
√ Interactive exercises
√ Questions for and from participants
√ Practical tools and strategies


I like to keep numbers low, to allow you to participate fully and ask any questions pertinent to your individual situation. This workshop is therefore delivered in my therapy room in Stourbridge or online to up to four participants to meet individual needs, with a price reduction for each additional attendee.

This workshop can be delivered on a date agreed between us. Workshops are usually delivered on a Saturday, a Sunday, or a Thursday morning. Newly qualified or soon to be qualified therapists may wish to form a group and contact me with some proposed dates.

The prices for this 2 hour workshop, in person or online, are:

One to one: £90
Two participants: £80 each
Three participants: £70 each
Four participants: £60 each

The timing of the workshop is approximate. If any aspect needs further explanation or exploration and we therefore run over 2 hours, the cost remains the same. 

To enquire about this workshop, contact Ian by email: